Are There Actions Of Bestowal In Our World?

laitman_559Question: Do I perform an act of bestowal if a person asks me for some water and I give it to him?

Answer: I am sorry to say that there is no bestowal at all in any action that we perform before the Upper Light corrects us. All of our actions are only disguised actions of in order to receive. Our actions stem from shame or because this is how we were brought up, and so on.

This means that, from the Kabbalistic perspective, there are no examples of bestowal in our world.

There is no bestowal nor love in world, only egoistic receiving.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/28/16

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  1. But there must be such actions in this world, no? otherwise where would this word “bestowal” come from? and how would we understand it? No?

  2. As I understood it after studying Kabbalah for a little while, the “act” of bestowal can be “executed” thru our desire and intention, the non tangible aspects. Because spirituality is beyond the reach of our five physical senses. Whatever our hands do physically doesn’t affect it. Religions believe otherwise.

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