Spiritual Transmission

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are in the initial stage of the world crisis. It will continue to be revealed more and more, and we need to advance together with it until people will feel that they have found themselves at some kind of an end, in a vortex. In other words, pressure from the side of nature will continue to grow to such a degree that it will be clear that there must be some reason for this.

And besides this, it will be clear that a logical, calculated, purposeful, and diverse reaction is required from all of us.

We are discovering that nature is global and relates to us as a complete whole. And in particular its relationship focuses specifically on people like us who have a point in the heart. Specifically we can transform to become the link that connects between the Creator and all creatures, taking their place in the middle.

And therefore we are expecting special forms of pressure: We are obligated to the Creator, on one hand, and to humanity on the other. Both from above and from below we must carry out the role of a transitional link: to convey the desires of humanity to the Creator and transmit the actions and influence of the higher power to humanity. This is what our work is like, to become the connecting channel.

This is a very important, special task, because only through us can humanity receive spiritual “nourishment,” and only through us can the Creator receive human deficiencies. We are in the middle, the mediators, and we are responsible. And therefore it is necessary to cherish every friend, he was chosen from among billions of people and is involved in realizing this mission together with all of us.
From the One America “Virtual Convention” Day Two 11/17/13, Lesson 3

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