You Have Not Exerted Yourself And You Have Not Found

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything depends on the importance of the spiritual path, and this is exactly what we lack. How much time do we waste during the day on different things that are unimportant? We are unable to constantly concentrate on the right intention, to yearn to draw the Light that Reforms. After all it says: “I have not exerted, I have not found.” So how do we make the effort to exert ourselves?

People are willing to exert effort every day on things that seems to be important: hard work, travel, worries. So the only thing missing is spiritual importance. Rabash used to say that unfortunately it’s impossible to buy this prescription in a drugstore, a medication, which if swallowed, would immediately allow you to feel the importance of spirituality. There is no such medicine, so what can we do?

The only means is the influence of the environment. It says: “a group or death.” If we really organize a strong group that constantly inspires a person and evokes envy, lust, and honor in him, then he will envy others and see that they are stronger than he is, how special they are; it will press him, not let him relax, and then he will wake up. If not, there is no way he can succeed.

Everything is determined by the environment. Once you enter an environment, you become totally dependent on it. The environment can raise a person or lower him. A person advances according the intensity of the spirit of the environment with regard to the goal, no more, no less. This is, of course, if he doesn’t disrespect the environment and if he tries to adhere to it. His job is to invest in the environment, and the environment in response has to invest in him, in each of the friends.

We have to make sure of that and constantly check and see that everyone feels the importance and the greatness of the goal. Now, for example, we are sitting in the lesson while some of our friends are working on the construction of our new home, so we have to worry about these friends and not let them work day after day and miss the lessons. This is also forbidden. Even if a person is more extremely needed on the construction site, we still have to make sure that he comes to the lessons sometimes.

You mustn’t leave the lessons completely. A person must be in the lesson at least twice a week in order to keep the feeling of the importance of the spiritual goal, otherwise he will fall. It says: “Torah with the desired system of behavior is better,” which means that we need both.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/20/13

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