The Correction Of Evil: Going All The Way

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person must discover the whole corrupt vessel of the desire. But he discovers it only if he wants to reach bestowal, goodness. So if a person hasn’t started his spiritual work yet and doesn’t connect with the group hoping to reach bestowal upon the Creator, he doesn’t even approach the evil inclination.

So the evil inclination Kabbalists speak about doesn’t exist in our world. Our corporeal desires are aimed at food, sex, family and the human desires are aimed at money, respect, and knowledge. On the whole it is called the “animal” level.

As for the evil inclination, it starts on a higher level if a person is inclined to love, connection and mutual guarantee. If he acts in this direction, then to that extent he increasingly discovers the size of the evil inclination. At the same time the Light is revealed to him, which evokes in him the desire to correct himself. Eventually, a person comes to a state where he can’t bear the evil and from that certain point he begins to turn it into a good inclination.

There are two levels here: Bina, which means to bestow in order to bestow (the correction of 248 desires) and Keter, to receive in order to bestow (the correction of 365 desires). Eventually a person corrects all the evil inclination.

The Correction Of Evil: Going All The Way
But evil is first revealed when a person makes the first attempts to bestow. So the evil inclination is not revealed in our world, which means not in a person who doesn’t draw the Light that Reforms in order to correct himself. All the discernments that are revealed in ordinary people don’t need correction since it’s their nature. Their desires and their attributes don’t stand in the way of true connection.

The truth is only being revealed these days. In the center of humanity there are Kabbalists (the forefathers) and we, Bnei Baruch, are around them. All the others do not yearn for bestowal, but they will receive an “illumination” from us and then they will understand that there is only one way—connection.

The Correction Of Evil: Going All The Way
A person who tries to form a system of mutual connection is the one who discovers the evil inclination, the force of resistance, his reluctance, and the unpleasantness of this idea. So if a person doesn’t discover his connection with the environment, with the group, he doesn’t discover the evil inclination since it’s only discovered in what is against the shattering among us. So it’s a great thing to discover all the matter of creation, the whole evil inclination, and only the one who advances further and further until Gmar Tikkun (the end of correction) can do that.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/10/12, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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  1. If I look at myself, I’ve reached a lot more light and giving and corrected a big part. There are still dark places. And sometimes I’m drawn to this dark places without having the feeling of being able to counteract. If I want to correct those dark places how should my attitude be? Letting me draw there or ignoring them are in my opinion not the right actions. So how can I correct them without losing my energy if I’m drawn there?

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