The Forum In Davos

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Michael Khazin, economist): “The Forum in Davos is no longer such an interest to the public. The economy is in the stage of recession, and businessmen and politicians know that very well. It is necessary to discuss what and how to change, but there is a need for people who can do that, but such are not visible in Davos.

“Today’s Davos is called a ‘post-crisis’ forum, which is funny and silly: the reduction in private demand and the disappearance of the middle class indicate that the crisis continues. The refusal to discuss the real problems of the modern economy produces illusions that the crisis is over. As a result, the discussion in Davos, as in the recent years, gives no real solution to the situation in the world economy.”

My Comment: In general, everyone is in low spirits and continues in the old way, and habit creates the illusion of a normal state. But nature (the forces that manage humankind and our developing properties) does not stay still; everything in it is developing towards general harmony, and humanity’s delay in becoming similar to nature, in moving towards a harmonious (integral) state will be felt as a growing all-encompassing crisis.

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