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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There is a very serious immigration problem in Russia. There were even riots in the southern part of Moscow not long ago. Nationalistic ideas are heard more often among the masses. Should we deal with the issue of the attitude toward immigrants in our dissemination?

Answer: There are objective reasons for this problem. If there weren’t work in Moscow, the immigrants wouldn’t come there since living in a foreign country without work is like dying of hunger for an immigrant, no one will feed him and take care of him.

On the other hand, if there is work, then these people should be provided with normal living conditions. And perhaps it should be enacted into law. I don’t want to get involved in the internal issues of other countries or to criticize them in any way; it isn’t my business. However, the problem of immigration is becoming increasingly more serious.

If most of the immigrants settled in Europe are not working, living on welfare with only refugee status, in Moscow and other big cities in Russia, there is demand for these workers and there is work for them. The government understands that they are essential and that without them their city would not be kept in order and in continued construction. So this problem must be solved because it affects not only Russia but other countries as well and is becoming a global problem.

People don’t understand yet that there are no countries and no borders! A country cannot be free of the illusion that it exists in its borders and that no one will cross them. What won’t he cross? Everything is open! What can you do?

You put up barriers that cause you harm! Don’t you want to import certain goods? It will cost you more in any case because according to the general law, the world already has become round! So, all the obstacles and barriers for people entering or exiting a country or importing and exporting goods costs billions of dollars. There is nothing we can do. Everything must be open!

Today, it is impossible to guard borders. It will lead only to distortions since the body has reached such a level that it wants to work together, while you are causing separation, wanting to control your piece of land, at least. It is against the laws of nature! So, naturally, everything will be distorted. If you want to isolate your country, it will lead to even greater losses.

The problem of immigration is not just an internal problem of Russia or another country, but a global problem. In Russia, however, it is especially serious.

The population must be educated. There is no such thing as we, the Russians, are one people and everyone else is against us. It is an outdated ideology that has no place in the modern world. Unfortunately, there are other nations that also think that way today. It doesn’t work anymore.

On the contrary, if you want to lead, you should open up and not defend yourself with tax barriers and other conditions. It is impossible to go against nature! It is undoubtedly beneficial to a country to be ahead of everyone in resembling nature.

Nationalism will not restrain a country in its borders. It only leads to the degradation of the population. It is totally against nature, although I can understand an individual who wants to live separately, living in a certain city and rejecting people who come from a different culture and have their own traditions and so on. It all comes down to education!

On the other hand, the immigrants are not educated either. It involves great social work. Therefore, integral education is a must for everyone! Without it, a city will not survive and things will get worse every day.

Can a state survive? How can you consider yourself an empire and at the same time reject all the other ex-republics? It means that it isn’t an empire.

So we have a great field for the activity of integral education that everyone needs so desperately and which straightens out everything because resembling nature is essential for a comfortable existence.
From a Talk About the Dissemination 10/17/13

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