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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We hold rap workshops in youth clubs, that is, we carry out our program in an adapted form. It’s hard to get started each time, but in the end, the outcome is good in terms of uniting the audience. However, in part of the audience  there is also cursing and drugs. How can we hold on?

Answer: In order to mitigate social tension resulting from idleness and hopelessness, we need either drugs or integral education. The nations’ leaders already turn a blind eye when it comes to drug trade and even secretly encourage it. What can they do with people who don’t want to do anything? This is the reason that governments (the elite) gradually allow drug trafficking. It’s better to keep the people quiet than to have massive uprisings.

We, however, believe that this is not a solution because drug consumption will become a heavy burden on society and lead to other problems. But the elite, on the other hand, think that if they wait long enough the population will diminish.

Now each generation will be reduced by half because most young people don’t intend to get married and most families have only one child. Decreasing the population by half will mean that there will be about a billion people or perhaps half a billion left in the world. This is possible.

The leaders must understand that we are now approaching people with the integral method as a strong support, as a substitute for drugs, and we do it in areas where the government is inactive and even where they are active. So the elite should be interested in integral education that provides a solution for the unemployed, which cannot be annihilated or put to sleep because they are beginning to go out to the streets, presenting  a huge social problem.

We have to turn to the highest circles, explain what we want to do, and try to show them how efficient our proposals actually are. We need to show a small example of  what we have done in Israel and what would like to do in America, Russia, and other places, and how effective and beneficial it is for the elite, for a country, and for the world.

We have to deal with very serious problems and not think that we can wait and be passive. We are not doing this for the world and not for anyone, but rather so that we can rise.

I want to bring you to the first spiritual level, at least. Then everything will follow the same pattern since the system is identical for everyone; all the levels are identical. The first spiritual level is closer to a person who is born and already begins to mutually cooperate with his environment and begins to receive (which means to feel the AHP). It isn’t a newborn anymore but a human being who feels a certain influence on himself, from himself, and who comes in contact with spiritual forces: the positive, the negative, the middle line, etc.

We have to reach that level at least. I hope that there will be a breakthrough this year. If only we begin to engage seriously in the integral education.
From a Talk About the Dissemination 10/17/13

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