A Sandwich Made With Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can I adhere to the center of the group if I cannot do any professional work in the construction of the new building but simply make sandwiches for the friends?

Answer: Sure, why not? You prepare sandwiches in order to delight the friends.

We use to celebrate Passover at Rabash’s according to the customs and the rules of Baal HaSulam, which were very tough and hard to fulfill. Rabash used to drink about 10 cups of coffee a day. This was customary with the people of Jerusalem. In order to have coffee that can be used at Passover we had to check every bean and make sure there were no worms in it; we had to check 15 kilos of coffee beans that way.

As you know I am very impatient and it was torture for me to sit and examine coffee beans for hours. I smoked more cigarettes than the coffee beans that I checked. So Rabash said: “Come, I will teach you how to do it.” It was the first year that I studied with him. He sat opposite me at the table on which a huge pile of beans was mounded; he took one bean, looked at it, and said: “I am checking this bean so that my friends will be able to drink a cup of coffee. I want to do it for them,” and then he put the bean aside. Then he took another bean and said: “I am checking this bean so that my teacher will be able to drink a cup of coffee! I am doing that for him!” and thus bean after bean…

If you are making sandwiches then you certainly have an opportunity to say these words many times. The fact of whether you possess certain skills or not is not up to you. It it said: “It isn’t the wise who learns.” So it doesn’t matter if you are not very wise. Each of us was given the means that he needs and so you shouldn’t feel sorry about your abilities. Every property a person has must be correct and that’s the way it should be. Otherwise, a person’s physical abilities and the environment would not be compatible with the root of his soul.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/27/13, Shamati #72 “Confidence Is the Clothing for the Light”

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