Who Is Last In Line On Onion Duty?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What if my duty is to be a security guard during a lesson at the convention? Everyone is sitting and listening to you while I am outside checking passes. Even if I get to listen to the radio broadcast in my headphones, it is not the same thing.

Answer: This is your “earning.” After all, you are serving others: Everything they “catch” at the lesson is organized and provided by you. In other words, at that moment, they are receiving fulfillment because of you.

Question cont.: But how is that when I do not receive any of their impressions?

Answer: On the contrary, all their impressions come through you from Above. It is as if you were receiving everyone’s rewards. Not bad, eh?

Question cont.: But what if I am on duty as a security guard, and I am enjoying it because I am helping disseminate Kabbalah? Is it all right to receive this type of fulfillment?

Answer: Go ahead, receive your fulfillment. Overall, perform less theoretical calculations. An action is an action.

Question cont.: Let us say that I came to the convention, I do not have a desire to work in the kitchen, but I was given the responsibility of peeling, like, a hundred pounds of onions, a half-day’s work. I do the work without any desire, I am disgusted, I feel woeful, I keep cursing my friends and the entire convention, and keep wishing to run away every coming moment.

Answer: Just take a look at the enormous work you are doing. Look at the thoughts about the importance of the group and the goal that are running through your head every second of your work with these onions. Look at the amount of calculations that you need to make in order to stay in the kitchen all these hours.

You will think so many things over, you will figure out your attitude toward friends and the Creator, you will fight yourself, suffer, and, in the end, you will see that there is no other place for you. Where else would you do all these examinations?

In situations like this, the precision of the analysis is very high. Thoughts and apprehensions start falling over you as soon as you begin any kind of work from the most to least pleasant. This is a wonderful opportunity. If everyone were able to work in the kitchen while listening to the lecture, I would stay in my room and do a radio broadcast without a camera. Even if there were no need for people in the kitchen, it does not matter as long as there are disturbances and the ability to overcome them. This is the best condition for advancement.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/10, Shamati #16

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