The EU – Through Misery To Happiness

laitman_220In the News ( “The program that was voiced by the French economic minister Emmanuel Macron shook the politicians of the European Union: The monetary treaty must be reformed in the direction of financial solidarity; the wealthy nations must finance the poor; this is the only way to save the European Union.

“If the member nations won’t be ready for financial transfers in the monetary treaty, we can forget about the Euro and the European Union. The transfers must be realized and implemented in the framework of a single budget of the European Union, in which its implementation will be coordinated from Brussels. He vehemently opposes the ‘orthodox’ financial politics of Berlin.”

My Comment: There are voices calling for more solidarity and equality, but this won’t help any more; nature is activating a program for teaching people its laws through “blows” (the path of suffering). The time for gently learning the laws of nature (the path of Torah) through learning the wisdom of Kabbalah is running out.

By aspiring to understand the thought of nature, we learn how to do things correctly, without error, through the good instructions of the Kabbalists. This is because we cannot understand how nature is constructed integrally on our own.

The reason is that we have “gathered” together into a human society through an opposite egoistic principle, so we cannot understand altruistic union (gathering). Meanwhile, our world community is gradually becoming more integral and more united under the influence of the hidden forces of nature. In this manner we become like those who don’t understand the world we have found ourselves in, like those who don’t know how to orient themselves.

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