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laitman_528_01Question: Nine years ago, you suggested that we don’t talk about our states. We have grown gradually, and now we are allowed to speak about them in workshops.

Answer: But I think you will talk only about what is beneficial for the group and not just spill out all of your states. After all, you have to be responsible for the group and raise it, even contrarily to what you feel at that specific time.

You can come to the group and ask your friends to sit with you, “Guys, I feel bad, but I don’t understand why.” The group is like a doctor. It can help you clarify things inside you, It must include you inside it and diagnose you and why you feel bad. There should be no secrets. No one is asking us to share intimate details. We are talking about spiritual details, and we are leaving all the corporeality aside.

When we advance neither the corporeal problems nor the spiritual ones affect our spiritual advancement. In that case, we must discuss them with the friends. We must clarify this so that we can be connected on a spiritual level.

You don’t have to tell others what is deep in your heart. You keep that only for the Creator. But you can discuss certain doubts, problems and descents in the group, and the friends will support you, cheer you up, awaken and raise you.

When the friends feel that you are not in a very good state, they must carry you in their arms like a child, rock you a little, calm you down, give you some pacifier, sit together and talk.

Your states are not yours. You must feel the state that the group is in and whether you are in it with the group. Align in this direction, according to this inclination, and don’t think about anything else. Try to worry about the group and think about it all day long. How are they getting along? Are they holding on to one another? Can I help them in any way? Should I call them? Should I do something? Try to get used to this state of worrying about the group as a mother worries about her children.

This is how you remove all the negative influences from yourself. Why should the Creator send them to you for you to uncover the ego if you are ahead of the ego looking for a way to be more connected to the friends? After all, the ego awakens in us only with regard to greater cooperation and stronger connection with the group, and you are headed toward such a connection and cooperation anyway. So, you never will feel any negative influences. You are looking for it yourself like an old man bent over who dropped something in the street.

Try to cultivate this state among you and you will see how suddenly everything goes smoothly. Turn you head away from all the other problems as much as you can and begin engaging only in this one worry, and 99% of your problems will be solved.
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/4/14, Workshop 5

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