In Compliance With The Land Of Israel

747.04Question: In the article “The Last Generation” Baal HaSulam writes that although this land is given to the people of Israel after 2,000 years of exile, it is possible that the Creator (nature) will again take it from us if we do not conform with it.

Does it mean that we are given a certain period of time to correct ourselves? What period of time are we talking about?

Answer: I cannot say for sure, but it is possibly a limited period of time and it is quite short. We need to start working on ourselves, on our compliance with the land of Israel about which, by the way, it is written in our laws: what kind of Land this is, how to treat it, what kind of people should live here. Namely, Jews.

That is, Jews must change their intentions and desires from reception to bestowal. If they work on themselves in this way, they can continue to live on this land and enjoy its fruits. But if this does not happen, then the land, as it is written, will vomit out its inhabitants.

Question: Indeed, the last exile lasted 2,000 years, a long period of time. Why did it take so many years?

Answer: The thing is that we need to understand how we exist, what kind of exile it is, and what it means to exit out of it, just like out of Egypt. First of all, we need to understand the exile itself, what it is, and only then we can be ready for it.

In fact, we are still in exile today. We are not considered to exist in the land of Israel because it symbolizes the desire that is directed to the Creator, and our desires are not yet directed to Him. On the contrary, we are in the opposite state.

Question: Is the fact that the people of Israel exist here for more than 70 years just a sign, a symbol of something?

Answer: It does not mean anything special. This, of course, is a symbol, but for certain it is not yet a spiritual definition of the state of the people and the land.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/21/2021

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