Hellenization Of The Jews

559Comment: A person has such desires, which in Kabbalah are called “Yavanim,” which means Greeks.

My response: The Greeks (Yavanim, Mityavnim) are those people who want to materialize their aspirations for the upper world. They do not understand spirituality without any totems, some signs of stone, wood, etc. This is how all religions gradually arose. Since then, the Jewish religion has changed a lot. After it, Christianity and Islam appeared.

Question: Do you consider this a natural process? Was this supposed to happen?

Answer: Yes. Once people lost such a leader as Moses, they broke away from a clear aspiration for the spirit and began to see it in wood and stones. Many branches of true Judaism appeared. This is how the Hellenization of hundreds of thousands of Jews took place.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/21/21

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