The Maccabean Wars

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is full abundance in the world, but we can’t manage to arrange it for life; like a family that has material prosperity but such a bad relationship with each other that it’s impossible to live together. Then there is no choice and people either get divorced, or like in our case, the only thing we can do is to connect. We cannot draw away from one another or get divorced because nature still forces us to attain mutual connection.

This is where the war against the Greeks breaks out, the war of how to continue: either in reason or above reason, which means by using the forces of receiving or the forces of bestowal. We see that it’s impossible to live operating with the forces of receiving. Even if nothing is lacking in the world, our life will become unbearable because of the terrible relations between us. Even if we create wonderful conditions, there is still the problem of the hatred and repulsion felt between us, and so nothing will help and we will ruin our lives until it becomes unbearable.

Thus, we reach the recognition of evil in human nature and understand that we only need to correct ourselves from hatred to love. Otherwise there is no chance of existing. The sooner we identify this only option, the better off we will be. Instead of sufferings and troubles that taint the existence of our big family, of all of humanity, we can reach a wonderful corrected life.

This is where the war erupts, each for himself and everyone for everyone else, in an attempt to help everyone leave the hatred and reach love. We feel that it isn’t in our power and that we need another partner here, which is called the upper force.

What’s more, in this process we begin to understand that it’s all predetermined. The problem isn’t that we have to simply make peace between us and forget the hatred we felt before. Everything is done on purpose with this intention in this way so that we will not be able to take a step away from separation, from the ego, from the hate we feel, towards connection, love, and bestowal by ourselves. Then we will need the help of the upper force and to connect to it so that we are adhered to it. Thus we discover the upper force, the only force that operates in reality.

This whole process is possible only by getting closer to the upper force that manages all of reality, that shows it in our minds, and changes reality if we turn to it with this request. Get closer to it and become increasingly more dependent on it. This is how we are incorporated in our root.

All these battles are divided into two major wars: The war over the vessels of bestowal and then the war over the vessels of receiving in order to bestow. The first war is called the Maccabean war. It’s in order to get rid of the current perception of reality and to move to the real perception of reality that allows us to see the spiritual world. Therefore we are only allowed to see the light of the Chanukah candles and not to use them. After the victory of the Maccabees, a second war breaks out in order to fulfill the desires to receive in order to bestow.

So Chanukah symbolizes the end of the first part of our work. The truth is that it is the most difficult half. Therefore, this holiday isn’t mentioned directly anywhere in the Bible but is only referred to by hints because it is the holiday of the Light, of bestowal. It’s impossible to express this correctly in our corporeal language and to describe this war clearly.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/01/13, Writings of Rabash

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