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Striving for Good Connection

254.01Question: The world is constantly evolving, and we no longer need to explain to people that the world is global. They see it themselves. But their question is: “What is next?” How can we compensate for this?

Answer: We do not need to think about the whole world, we are not able to grasp it.

Our teams on all continents are conducting dissemination activities. But the main action should be in Israel because here is that part of humanity in which the Reshimot, the spiritual genes, lie exactly on the surface. These people have already realized them once and fell from them.

Therefore, we must definitely activate the part of humanity called “Isra-el,” straight to the Creator, which carries the quality of bestowal and love.

If we do this, then practically the entire world will feel a strong spiritual jolt: suddenly people will rush forward, suddenly they will discover the meaning of what to live for.

They will stop striving for various nonsense. They will suddenly be drawn to realize this idea—good connection between them in order to reveal the upper force, the next dimension.

But for this we need to work at full capacity. I hope that we will do this within the next few years. At least I see it as my mission. I hope we can do it. If not, the state will be very deplorable for everyone: first for the Jews, then for the entire world.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. World Unemployment” 9/15/11

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Embody the Idea of Unity

507.03Comment: Some of your students are eager to move to Israel.

My Response: You don’t have to move here at all. You can sit on an ice floe in Greenland and spread knowledge about the essence of our methodology via the Internet. We all need to get into the widest possible dissemination.

A special blow, of course, falls on those living here in Israel who speak Hebrew and are clearly aimed at pushing this idea primarily among Jews. After all, it is to them that all fallen humanity will turn with the accusation that this people is to blame for the fact that everything is bad for everyone.

In principle, this is true. And since such a feeling of humanity comes from a simple egoistic animal feeling, then its natural reaction, the natural solution to the problem, is to destroy the Jews.

This is what Hitler wanted to do based on some ancient runes, beliefs, Tibetan mystics, and all the rest. Although there is nothing of this in principle, everything was neatly tailored to it, instead of realizing that there is a completely opposite idea here, take the idea of connection and make the Jews fulfill it, make them work!

Therefore the whole world will demand the implementation of this idea from the people of Israel and from those representatives of the nations of the world who have such a pressure to move forward in whom spiritual genes have manifested as a result of the shattering and connection in the descent that happened after the ruining of the Second Temple and has continued for the last two thousand years.

It is necessary to force these people to work spiritually.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Pressure on Israel” 11/3/09

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What Is Left of Ancient Judea?

745.01Ancient Judea is a kingdom that existed for eight hundred years. 

What is left of it? Nothing! During the excavations, only prayer houses were found, the places where people gathered, and nothing more. Where are all the huge buildings, architectural monuments, and writings of a culture?!

Whereas in ancient Greece there is a lot to see! Ancient stadiums where the Olympics were held, Mount Olympus. Although it seems that this mountain is just seven to eight hundred meters high, these are all stones, but they remain.

In Rome too. Despite the fall,  the Colosseum, the arch, the Roman gates, and so on, remained. It is so in many places in the world. There is nothing there! Because there was nothing.

Nothing like this was built in Judea, except for the Temple. The Temple also was such that there was nothing to see. A very small space: a courtyard for men, a courtyard for women, a courtyard for the nations of the world, a few interior rooms, and that was it. The plan of the Temple has been preserved.

There is even a plan for the future Third Temple. But actually, it must be built spiritually, therefore its earthly architecture is also known.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Features of Judaism” 5/22/14

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“Iraq – Ties with Israel Punishable by Death” (Times of Israel)

Michael Laitman, On The Times of Israel: “Iraq – Ties with Israel Punishable by Death

On November 30, 1947, one day after the League of Nations (precursor to the UN) announced the end of the British Mandate in Palestine and the establishment of two states—one for the Arabs and one for the Jews—Palestinian Arabs began to attack Israeli settlements. That was the beginning of Israel’s War of Independence. On May 14, 1948, when the British officially left Palestine, David Ben Gurion announced the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine, namely the State of Israel. The very next day, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt (joined by Saudi and Sudanese forces), and Lebanon, declared war on the fledgling state and their armies invaded the country. On July 20, 1949, the final armistice was signed (with Syria), and the war was over. Israel was now a fact. The only country that never signed an armistice with Israel is Iraq.

The War of Independence was not the end of wars for Israel. Nevertheless, following many years of frequent clashes, all the countries, including even hostile Syria, are now in an official state of peace, or at least an armistice with Israel, if not complete normalization of relations. There is no love lost between Israel and its neighbors, as much as Israel would like there to be. However, there has also not been a state of active war with any of them for several decades.

Iraq, however, remains the one exception. To his day, it is in an official state of war with Israel. Recently, it underscored that point when Iraqi lawmakers have passed a bill criminalizing any ‎relations with Israel, including business ties. According to the legislation, violation of this law is ‎punishable by death or life imprisonment.‎ A ‎parliament statement also said the legislation is “a true reflection of the will of the people.”‎

Israel has no border with Iraq, no conflict of interest over water, oil, or waterways, and no religious conflict as Iraq is not particularly fanatical about its Islam. Iraq’s policy toward Israel is driven by one and only motive: hate. It simply hates the fact that Israel exists, and this is all the reasoning it needs.

Hate is a very powerful engine. With hate, you can keep a nation united. Every politician knows it, and Iraq is no exception. Its hatred of Israel keeps it together.

However, we can change Iraq’s attitude toward us if we choose to. We may not know it, but Israel holds the key to the world’s attitude toward it. If we change how we feel about each other, Iraq, and in fact all the countries that hate us, will also change how they feel about us for the better.

Israel is always at the center of attention. Just look at the latest report by the UN Human Rights Council. Other countries may commit the worst atrocities, but only Israel has a mandatory agenda item aimed at condemning Israel in every single commit of the council.

Because we are constantly at the center of attention, the hatred between us makes the world detest and despise us. This is how the world is built, and there is nothing we can do to change it.

Therefore, if we want the world’s attitude toward us to improve, we must improve our attitude toward each other. This is how it has always worked, and it will never change.

Moreover, when we fight among ourselves, the world accuses us of inciting wars throughout the world. When we make peace with one another, the world thinks of us as peacemakers. Until we accept this fact and act accordingly, nothing will improve in the world’s relation toward Israel.

Rational Judaism

545In Judaism there was no culture of huge mass events and shows because everything was aimed at the inner work of man. He had to deepen internally, connect internally with others, not externally.

There was no theater, shows, circus, stadiums, or human performances in front of a huge audience. There was no such concept at all. All this came to us from Ancient Rome.

The Greeks, and then the Romans, having captured Jerusalem, built stadiums there, an amphitheater in Caesarea, and so on. But this has absolutely nothing to do with Judaism.

Judaism never followed this path. There was an opportunity to build anything. But this is not in the nature of the ideology itself, which is aimed at the inner development of a person.

Therefore, there was no painting or even special music, but only one that is aimed at deepening within oneself, perceiving the world through oneself. There are no statues, external decorations, special clothes, special ornaments, or any kind of architecture. Nothing! Everything is as simplistic as possible, outwardly very rational.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Features of Judaism” 5/22/14

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What Gives Jews the Right to Exist?

933Question: Before the ruin of the Second Temple the spiritual force was giving the Jews the right to exist. When it disappeared and they went into exile, what gives them this right?

Answer: It is the fact that in our generation, they should bring the world to a spiritual state, to a spiritual goal, because the world exists only for this.

Comment: But the Jews conceal this secret from the nations of the world.

My Response: I hope that we, Kabbalists, will reveal it and let everyone know, including Jews. By doing this, we will bring all of humanity to the correct recognition of its destiny and reach the level of eternity and perfection. We can do this already in our generation.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Around the World” 2/20/11

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Who Seeks to Come to the Land of Israel?

559Question: How can Jews be attracted to repatriate to Israel?

Answer: There is nothing in Israel that could attract people here. Only those who have a point in the heart, who are drawn to spirituality, come here. They feel better here than in other places of the world, and it does not depend on their nationality.

We see that people who study at the Kabbalah education centers, MAK and KabU, come here and settle here on any conditions, just to live here, because from within themselves they feel an aspiration to this land and to this place.

And people who do not have a craving for spirituality feel like they are temporarily living here and therefore, are ready to leave. If you provide them with normal conditions for migrating from Israel to another place and do not keep them, they will be happy to leave this country.

I am sure that not only half of the country would leave, but others will not want to come here because a person seeks to move to the place that can fulfill him.

This place can fulfill only people who seek spirituality because the land itself has a special spiritual root and special qualities come from it.

Even pilgrims, when they come here, feel some kind of force, especially in Jerusalem. One really feels that. There is a special air there, some kind of yellowish one, as the artists say.

Question: Does it mean that the nations of the world who claim Jews have no right to exist in their current state are right?

Answer: Yes. I hope that by this the nations of the world will push us to realize ourselves so that we become, as it is written, “the light for the nations of the world.”
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Around the World” 2/20/11

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The Way of Life of the Ancient Nation

746.03This world is designed for us to only exist in it in a necessary, rational, and normal state, to eat, drink, sleep and everything else only as a means for internal deepening and reaching the next degree. It’s always been that way.

Therefore, the Jews who lived like this were very different from others. When other nations came here, they were surprised by their way of life. The people themselves are smart, very developed, internally whole and deep. And outwardly, they lived very unpretentiously.

The internal wealth of the people did not correspond at all to its absolutely unpretentious external environment. In the corporeal sense, everything was very rationally arranged. There was no pomp. Even the clothes and utensils of the king, like everything else, was within limits. Everything was very strict.

This went on all the time, even in the 19th century. There is a story about how the Hasidim brought their rabbi new clothes, a special robe, but he said: “I won’t accept anything from you. I have a small room.”

They ask him: “How is this a small room? You have your Saturday clothes hanging on a nail on the wall.”

And he responds: “Yes. But if you bring me another one, I’ll have to put up a closet. And the closet is already a place in the room.”

These are spiritual calculations, not calculations of the external space. Life should be rational, but not deliberately minimalist and should simply satisfy the most necessary. No more than that.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Features of Judaism”

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Predisposition to Universal Unity

437Question: Do Jews have a genetic predisposition?

Answer: No. They have only a predisposition to universal unity in order to conquer the upper world. They left ancient Babylon on this basis.

This predisposition exists in their descendants, who are just souls, and the same soul goes through many, many bodies. This is the incarnation of the souls. For example as a Jew, I existed in all states, from ancient Babylon to my current incarnation. I went through all these lives.

I even know my incarnations: Spanish, German, and Eastern European, right up to the present moment. All this I feel perfectly and reveal. The same applies to all current genetic Jews.

Furthermore, even after their settlement from Babylon throughout the earth, desire was still developing also in the nations of the world. Today there are many such people who also have a predisposition to spiritual development, and they join us. They are absolutely identical to those of us who came from ancient Babylon, even though they have not been near us during the whole 3,700 years. It does not matter. The inner desire for correction and for elevation to the spiritual world acts in them.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Around the World” 2/20/11

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An Eternally Living Soul

294.3Question: You said that the Jews have a method of correcting egoism and that the whole matter of nature and all other nations is solid egoism. So, the reason for hatred of Jews is that this matter is the opposite of the spiritual degree?

Answer: We are all the opposite of the spiritual degree.

But within the whole of humanity there is a method of how to correct this oppositeness, how to implement it so that it helps us to rise to the next, spiritual degree. Our egoism will serve us as a rising energy.

We can properly direct it to love instead of hatred. When we discover why and for what it all exists, then all our negative properties, qualities, all kinds of movements, and desires will serve as a springboard to rise to the next degree, to the next dimension.

We can now reveal this for ourselves and thus enter a state in addition to our world, when behind it we will feel another degree, another world around us, the upper one, and we will exist in both.

And then we will understand where we come from, where we are born, where we go after death. Let’s understand that only bodies live and die, and we, our inner, spiritual part of the body continues to live.

If we reveal the full scope of the universe, then our body ceases to be felt as the only possibility of existence. We begin to feel like we exist in everything. The body dies or lives, it no longer matters to us. This is what Kabbalah leads to. That’s what it allows us.

Kabbalah is being revealed now, as humanity begins to realize that it is integrally, globally interconnected. Therefore, we have the opportunity to reach the next degree through globalization, through the connection of everyone with everyone.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Around the World” 2/20/11

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