A Branch Is An Opportunity To Comprehend The Higher Root

laitman_934Question: How does the connection between the higher root and the force controlling the lower object work?

Answer: The highest root controls all material branches in our world, and branches have to do everything in their power to rise to the highest root and exist in it.

A branch is an opportunity to comprehend the higher root. In order to come closer to it, one has to connect with his friends since the properties are integral in the highest root and our properties are individual. If one connects with the ten, he will reach his root.

Question: So, one cannot understand the cause of all the things that happen to him?

Answer: It is possible only in a group. When one connects to the friends in the circle, he will understand the reason for everything, the higher root.

Question: Even if something happened to me individually?

Answer: Individual is a ten, not less.

Question: Are the main properties of the higher root reflected in the earthly branch in a direct or in a reverse manner?

Answer: They are reflected in our world to the extent that one can correctly perceive it. And the rest is hidden.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/8/18

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