The Spiritual World Is Born Between Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanMany things have appeared and disappeared from this world as technology developed and replaced them with more perfect things. However, now a different process is starting and soon all of these cars and planes will disappear from our sensation and will lose all importance.

Only forces operate in the world: Direct Light and Reflected Light, together with the will to enjoy. And this entire picture somehow appears to us on the screen in the reverse part of the brain.

That is why people’s workplaces are shifting to the computer keyboard. One might ask: What can they possibly produce on it—clothing or a house? They create some kind of artificial values: respect, power, scientific knowledge, and other things that are detached from bodily needs (food, sex, family). This is how we create a connection between people, and these efforts are now being expressed in matter. The only thing of importance is to produce Reflected Light, and if we can create it by playing with a computer keyboard, then that’s enough!

The form of reality in which we live depends on us. If I start to see everything in the Reflected Light, then I will connect the root with the branch and will see spiritual roots in the world that appears before me. Then I will begin giving more importance to these spiritual roots than their material branches. This will happen to such an extent that the material branches will gradually disappear from my perception completely because I will activate my spiritual sensations more and more.

In the material world I use only what I need to support the life of my body, and I won’t need anything more than that. That is how this world will become increasingly more transparent. However, this does not depend on every person separately, but on the common correction of the world by virtue of all the souls.

If our souls unite, they create the spiritual world between them! They will have a shared perception of the Upper World and will feel the reality that is above this material reality, a billion times more powerful than it. Even the first spiritual level is infinitely greater and more powerful than our world.

If we start feeling it, then it eclipses our world to us. Even now there are many details in the world that we don’t notice. The desire to enjoy does not disappear to any place, but when all of humanity begins building the common system of bestowal among everyone, meaning the place for the spiritual world, then we will begin living in it and making it important!

We will raise the lower, material dimension to the spiritual level. That is to say, I start viewing the material world as part of the spiritual world because I see the forces operating behind everything and do not notice any matter as I did before. In relation to me the world turns into forces, and that means that the world of Assiya and all the other worlds ascend until the very world of Infinity.

However, this does not work in relation to a separate person, but in relation to all humanity that is starting to unite together into one common soul.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/8/11, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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