Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 3/11/18

laitman_622.01Question: What is hatred, from the point of view of Kabbalah?

Answer: Hatred is felt when I try to connect with another person, begin to perceive his negative characteristics as mine, and hate them within myself.

Question: Why is the ability to feel others called an understandable and logical feeling? What is the connection to the mind? Or does it require higher intelligence to begin to feel the souls of others like my own?

Answer: In our world, there is no problem with feeling others like yourself. But to feel others correctly, without feeling resentment because of your ego, you must exit your ego, rise above it. This is already a complete system of new perception.

Question: What is pleasure: an action or a phenomenon? What is the essence of pleasure?

Answer: The essence of pleasure is the fulfillment of desires through the upper Light, with the help of unique activities that a person performs. The feeling of fulfillment of the desire by the upper Light is called pleasure.

Question: Shamans change themselves to move their consciousness between worlds, to achieve eternity and a full connection with their ancestors. How best can one explain the wisdom of Kabbalah to a shaman?

Answer: I cannot imagine how. I once met shamans, but we did not understand each other.

Question: What is the plan for building the world and my life? Where can one learn about it?

Answer: The entire wisdom of Kabbalah is dealing with this. It speaks about how the world is organized and how you can change it through your actions. It is possible to become familiar with the wisdom of Kabbalah through our lessons.

Question: What is spiritual intelligence? In what way does it differ from spiritual matter?

Answer: Spiritual matter is a desire for pleasure. And spiritual intelligence is the movement of this material from one state to another. The intellect is not felt if it does not move, it reveals itself only through movement.

Question: Is the level of spiritual development of every person predetermined?

Answer: The level of spiritual development is predetermined, but we don’t know what it is. I will say only one thing: If you do everything absolutely correctly, with the maximum opportunities for advancement that are given to you, you will do everything that you need to do.

Question: It seems to me that I now have an increased ability to contemplate everything. I happily accept ascents and descents, I analyze and work with them. I feel that everything is coming from the Creator. Am I doing things correctly?

Answer: Yes. Be in this all the time.

Question: In the wisdom of Kabbalah we learn and achieve through intellect and emotion simultaneously. What is higher: memory or intuition?

Answer: It is neither memory nor intuition, but feelings. Intuition is also a type of memory, of brain activity. And we talk about feelings—that which happens in the desire.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/11/18

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