Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 2/18/18

laitman_571.04Question: What is the difference between thinking about myself or thinking about others? In any case, I’m the one thinking?

Answer: Of course, I am the one thinking. After all, I don’t cease to exist. The difference is where I exist, within the beastly body or within my soul that is outside of me, in others.

Question: How can unity protect me from the powerful influence of the values of the consumer society?

Answer: If the group is more important to me than the wider society, or even the world, then the group protects me from the influence of the surrounding world. However, if the world is more important to me than my small group, then I am under its influence, and no one can even be a guarantor for my spiritual future.

Question: Can spiritual unity exist between a husband and wife?

Answer: Certainly. However, a group is usually divided into male and female parts. A couple can learn and read together at home. Moreover, a husband can open himself spiritually to his wife, like to no other in the world.

Question: Why does the Creator create situations that embarrass me?

Answer: The Creator is acting this way to rein in your ego somewhat, and what is so bad about that? What is it that is embarrassing you? Are you afraid that you will be discovered in unpleasant and disgraceful circumstances? All of this is meant to help you to humble and subdue yourself.

Question: What is the meaning of: “He who increases knowledge, increases pain” (Ecclesiastes 1:18)? What kind of pain is this talking about?

Answer: If you increase knowledge but don’t balance it with the system of bestowal, in other words, if the Light of Hochma (Wisdom) is not clothed in the Light of Hassadim (Mercy), then instead of Light, darkness emerges.

Question: How can I nullify my ego if I have nothing except the ego? Isn’t this self-deception?

Answer: This is why we exist in connection with the friends, so that my ego will be used to help them, and their egoism will be used to help me. Mutual integration between everyone with each other like this creates an anti-egoistic field.

Question: Can I insert myself into an anti-egoistic field through listening to a workshop or reading a book like The Book of Zohar, for example?

Answer: No, you cannot insert yourself anywhere that way. You can do this only with the help of your friends. No matter how impossible and complicated this may seem to you, there is no other way.

Question: What kind of connection is there between the higher power that manages everything and unity in a group?

Answer: It is the same thing. Where do you define the Creator, feel Him, correct your vision of Him, and come in contact with Him? It is only within the group. It is only through the right characteristics that you create among you.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/18/18

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