Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 3/4/18, Part 1

laitman_565.02Question: In the Talmud (from the third century CE) it is said that, “All who condemn disqualify themselves with their own flaw” (Kiddushin 70a). It follows that all of the shortcomings that I see in the world are within me. What am I supposed to do with that?

Answer: Begin to correct yourself in the manner advised by the wisdom of Kabbalah. When you reach a state of completion and perfection, you will discover that the world is absolutely like that.

Question: Can knowledge about spirituality cause damage?

Answer: Kabbalistic knowledge cannot be harmful because the person receives it according to the thickness of the screen that he builds within himself, and the screen is anti-egoistic. You will be unable to do anything to harm others.

Question: How does the Creator, who only bestows, receive our pleasure?

Answer: He receives pleasure not from us fulfilling His need, like in our world when we fulfill someone we receive pleasure from it, but from the fact that we are contented by bringing Him contentment.

Question: If everyone around me is a reflection of what is within me, then what is to be found within us? Who really exists: is it you or I?

Answer: All of you exist within me, just as everyone else exists within each one of you. But what do I want? I want to be in a closer connection with the Creator by way of the communication between us.

Question: If the Creator is revealed to a person in a good state, is this false?

Answer: No. Most important is to not distance yourself from contact with the Creator, not to lose the connection with Him, no matter what situation you are in.

Question: What is the transition period or spiritual distance from Adam to the completion of correction?

Answer: This is the process of the development of matter that is in contact with ego. It is necessary to go through a period of the recognition of evil and its correction until there is a complete resemblance to the Creator and adhesion with Him. This cycle is called the “6,000 years of the existence of the world.”

Question: If a person has achieved a personal spiritual correction, will he continue to work in his profession?

Answer: Only if he will bring benefit to people in this way. In principle, he can no longer work in a place where people are harmed.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/4/18

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