From Helplessness To Crying Out To The Creator

laitman_248.02Faith above reason is a spiritual approach to the perception of reality simultaneously in two worlds. One always has to be in reason, in this world, or rather, on the level called “this world.” The world is not now appears; we will see a lot of changes in it.

After all, if we are working on the attainment of the level of faith, Bina, connection, bestowal, trying to imagine it, then each time we transfer the additions from the level of Bina to the level of Malchut, to the level of knowledge, to this world where we stand with both feet. Our knowledge and our sensations are expanding and being formed more and more correctly.

Therefore, one who expands faith above reason becomes smarter, understands and feels more, and approaches a common nature. He understands the inclusion of Bina into Malchut and the connection between them. This cannot be rushed, a person must go through these states on his own and feel everything so that it will be incorporated into his knowledge and sensations.

When we build one level over the other, we can compare and measure these states: the strength of faith, Bina, and the individual, egoistic power—knowledge. Then we will see that “God has made them one against the other.” We will begin to live in a new reality, simultaneously in two worlds.

What’s most important is to constantly, at every opportunity, update the level of faith above reason, that is, to treat oneself, friends, and the world as if they are all corrected. This should be a person’s inner state.1

I see this world in front of me, as it is written: “A judge has only what his eyes can see”—this is the stage of reason, Malchut. Beside that, I treat myself and the group as if we were all corrected, connected as one person with one heart, and in adhesion with the Creator. I imagine how we would behave in this state.

However, we realize that we are only trying to achieve this state and have not yet achieved it. And to the extent of our efforts, we awaken the Light that returns to the source. In the beginning, we force ourselves into doing it, but then we notice that we start to wish for it.

Our efforts bring us closer to the spiritual world, attract the Light to us, bring our friends closer, and the relationship becomes more cordial. The Creator becomes closer to us, as if hugging us. These feigned efforts bring us real progress, like with children who grow up thanks to playing. We attract the Light returning to the source that develops us.

The level of reason is constantly expanding, stabilizing, becoming more and more understandable. We begin to realize why the Creator created this world: so that from the level of reason we reach the level of faith. This is how we build our spiritual states through our own efforts, constructing our spiritual reality, the group, the Creator—everything that relates to the property of bestowal, the spiritual part of nature.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/15/18, Lesson on the Topic: “From Helplessness to Crying Out to the Creator
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