Soaring On The Wings Of Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere are no machines, planes, electricity, bread, or water—I created all these forms out of my desire to enjoy, and this is how they appear to me. There are only the force of reception, the force of bestowal, the screen, and the Reflected Light, according to the way they can clothe into each other.

Natural forms that exist in nature come from the Direct Light, whereas those created by man come from Reflected Light. Everything we produce in this world by our work is but the forms of our will to receive created by our effort, the Reflected Light.

I take my desire and start modeling a car from it, as from plasticine or clay. It is my realization, my form, whereas the substance, the will to enjoy, is given from Above. The entire picture changes only on our screen. Similarly to how today a person is so used to a computer screen that he doesn’t even want to look around. For him, a computer screen has turned into a true reality. If we always existed inside this screen, we would have no idea that there is something else beside it.

The one and only mechanism based on the Direct and Reflected Lights operates all the time and at all levels. However, the picture will begin to change when we develop a desire to become similar to the inner force which governs this entire reality. It won’t surface for us to exist inside this reality; we will want to unite with the force that drives it from inside. We will search for it, wishing to be together with it!

And then we will perceive reality simply as matter and not as our inseparable part. Now we live inside this matter governed from Above. Yet, I wish to penetrate into molecules and atoms so as to reveal the spiritual force there, the higher mind and plan, and live in it. We will rule over matter together with Him! That is, I will elevate myself above matter, above the still, vegetative, and animate degrees.

But what about a person who today is polishing his favorite car? How can he agree that this whole world is a bluff? No insurance will pay for his car left in the Reflected Light, so what will he gain in return?

He shouldn’t worry; he will feel that he can fly even without his car. To move, he won’t need any auxiliary means of the still, vegetative, or animate levels: neither a camel, nor a carriage, nor a plane. He will soar by his own forces, the forces of man! Mother Bina will lend him her wings!
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/8/2011, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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