Epilogue To The Holocaust Memorial Day, Part 2

laitman_293Question: As humanity develops, why does hatred and anti-Semitism increasingly grow?

Answer: As we develop, the shattering in the system of the common soul is increasingly revealed, the broken parts appear, and they must be corrected in the order from the easiest to the increasingly complex.

The order of correction is such that due to more simple corrections we can proceed to complex ones. This is seen throughout the history of human development.

Question: And to achieve correction, why was it necessary to divide into two parts: Israel and the nations of the world?

Answer: It is in this order that the desires are ascertained. This is the law of nature; Kabbalists only explain it to us, like any natural phenomenon. At the beginning of creation, there was only one common desire filled with light.

But at a certain stage of development, the shattering occurred: first in the external system, and then within the first man Adam, and this is called his fall, when he was unable to receive Light for the sake of bestowal.

One desire, created by the Creator, broke and divided into many parts. But there were sparks of Light left, the fragments of the anti-egoistic screen that exitsted before. These sparks of Reflected Light exist in each individual desire.

The common desire to enjoy was divided into levels, called Sefirot, according to how each layer manifested itself in relation to the Light, with different forces of adhesion and similarity. And when the screen shattered, in other words, when the strength of resistance to egoism broke, the upper Light disappeared from the desire as they ceased to be similar in properties. But in each desire, a spark remained, a tiny backlight.

In more subtle deficiencies, sparks are manifested and begin to be felt in the first place, and so there were people who felt these sparks in Ancient Babylon with the first crisis of mankind. Of these, the group that Abraham called Israel (Yashar-El, straight to the Creator) was assembled.

And all the other Babylonians did not yet feel these sparks and, therefore, did not seek correction. They did not understand Abraham’s method, which was the method of such unification that love covers all crimes. It is impossible to understand how it is possible to combine crimes and love, two opposites, when there are not two opposing forces in man: the desire to enjoy and the spark of Light.

Therefore, the Babylonians could not perceive the technique of Abraham and remained with their own. From all this, Babylon, the part that belongs to the nations of the world, was formed. And those who felt a spark in them understood Abraham’s method and the goal to which he led humanity. It was close to them, so they followed him.

Since then, the world divided into two parts, and the lower part, which refers to the body, the nations of the world, depends on the upper part, the head, Israel. And this relation remains until the very end of creation, after which all merge into one whole. But in the meantime, in the period of correction, there is a big difference between these two parts: one of them defining, and the second, receives the already ready.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/24/17, Lesson on Topic: “Holocaust Memorial Day”

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