Epilogue To The Holocaust Memorial Day, Part 1

Laitman_006Perhaps these conclusions may seem ruthless and even cruel to someone. The Holocaust Memorial Day rightfully provokes a lot of emotions and pain in people. And yet after this day, let’s look at this phenomenon from a scientist’s point of view, who investigates the causes of the Holocaust so that it will never happen again.

We are talking now as biologists studying the human body. They do not think how sorry they are for a person who is dying from a cancerous tumor that spreads in his body, but they discuss the very phenomenon that occurs between the cells inside the body.

After all, only by looking at this phenomenon in this aspect and accurately finding out what is happening in nature, without adding our emotions here, will we be able to reveal the objective truth.

And then we can really do something to change the future and prevent a Holocaust happening again. In the end, it is natural that everything that happened had a reason and was not just an accident. Therefore, we need to find out how to cleanse ourselves and the entire world from this scourge.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that our whole life proceeds according to the laws of nature. Nature is equivalent to the upper force, the Creator, and we exist within its laws. The ordinary sciences of this world reveal physical laws to us.

But there is another more general science called Kabbalah, which reveals laws that exist on a higher level, from where all forces descend into our world. These forces build a power network in our world, whose laws are studied by ordinary sciences.

Humanity has experienced many significant events throughout its history: both good and tragic. Therefore, it is worthwhile to find out their cause and effect, depending on our reaction to them. Then we can choose the right form of behavior in our world for the future.

The Kabbalists approach to humanity’s history is to learn by analyzing these events, like in a laboratory: where are we and in which world, that is, in what system of forces?

How do they affect us according to how we change from generation to generation? And how can we respond to them in order to protect ourselves from such tragic events that we had to endure in the past.

This strictly scientific approach can be called unfeeling and even inhuman. But we are talking about the laws of nature about which we want to receive the purest knowledge, not adding our subjective opinion, in order to understand what is happening. And our attitude and personal emotions should not distort the picture so we can really find out which laws take course and what our reaction should be.

It’s good when people are concerned about the Holocaust and express their solidarity with its victims. But, unfortunately, this does not guarantee that in the future it will not happen again. Therefore, we need to study this phenomenon thoroughly and learn how to protect ourselves from it for the future.

From Rabash’s article “He Who Hardened His Heart”: All the hatred that the nations feel toward Israel is only because they are the Creator’s people, as our sages said (Shabbat, 89), “What is Mt. Sinai? It is that Sinaa [hatred] came down to the idol-worshippers.”


We need to understand that this hatred comes from the divided forces in the system of the common soul, which is called the “first man,” Adam HaRishon. One part, the people of the world, suffers and cannot do anything because it is the body in relation to the other part of Adam’s soul called the head (Li-Rosh) or Isra-el.

Everyone else depends on the Israel part because it has a special property—a point in the heart, a part of the divine from above, an additional power that is inherent to all creatures apart from egoism.

The people of the world and Israel are in essence the same people because all of humanity came from ancient Babylon. From the very beginning, there was no difference between the two groups. But in one group, a point in the heart begins to awaken, and this process continues to this day.

Every person in the world can be favored with the fact that a point in his heart will awaken in him, and according to this, he will immediately begin to relate to Israel, to Yashar-El, straight to the Creator. Then there will be a desire for the upper force, and he will begin to seek a connection with the upper force according to this point. This point has not yet awakened in the nations of the world; only the force of egoism operates in them, taking everything to itself.

All this system has to fully reach the Creator. It turns out that this process depends on the Israel part, and the nations of the world represent the passive part that follows Israel that leads them. Israel is the head and other nations are the body of the common soul. Therefore, only because of Israel, all the negative things appear in the body.

And as we proceed, they will come up more and more, because development is incremental from the bottom to the top.

The further we develop in the course of history, the stronger and more destructive hatred will be. But this will happen if Israel does not act correctly, that is, does not unite with each other and with the upper force, does not fulfill its mission, and doesn’t serve as an example for other nations as a “Light for the nations of the world.”
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/24/17, Lesson on Topic: “Holocaust Memorial Day”

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