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It is written in the Torah: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” This is the source of all good and its absence is the source of all evil for our nation.
Only the connection between us or lack thereof is the source of love or hatred of the nations of the world for Israel. #NeverAgain #Israel #Holocaust

People in the world don’t exactly know what the reason for their hatred of #Jews is. But hatred of Jews is natural, it’s embedded in nature, which comes from the foundation of the world

Since Jews bear inside them the method for the world’s correction, and the more the world deteriorates, the more necessary this method becomes, the world starts needing this method more and more. #israel #Antisemitism

#Hitler wasn’t a biological anti-Semite, who felt a natural hatred toward Jews from within, but how he developed into an anti-Semite as he saw #Antisemitism as a means for power.
And also, as he received a favorable response not only from Germans, but from other countries as well, for his pressure on the #Jewish people.

The purpose of creation is to bring the creatures to their absolute fulfillment, which is to attain the Creator and all that is in store for them. But this can only be achieved by the presence of egoism and it’s defeat. Therefore, we should not destroy egoism, but use it correctly.

On this sad day of remembering the victims of #Holocaust (Shoah) of European Jewry, it is necessary to realize its nature, so that by commemorating the past we will ensure that this horror will never happen again. Kabbalah explains that the Creator expects unity from us and will push us toward it again …

The correction of the world is possible only by correcting the nations through the people of Israel, and for this reason, without realizing it, the peoples of the world feel that Israel owes them. The knowledge about correction will come from dissemination of Kabbalah to the world. (Baal HaSulam. Horn of The Mashiah)

The solution from the hatred of the nations of the world, invented by the Jews abroad, is to completely dissolve among the peoples of the world. They think that it will work out. But they are sadly mistaken. The upcoming history will show so …

The spiritual work given to the people of Israel consists of elevating the entire mankind along with itself, and thus the world meriting the complete prosperity for all. (Baal HaSulam)

Since Israel exists only for the purpose of correcting the nations of the world, their own correction depends on and is conditioned by the correction of the people of the world. (Baal HaSulam)

Know that until Israel is corrected up to the highest spiritual degree where the world is also corrected, Israel will not reach the level meant for it. And only after attaining the correction of the whole world will #Israel rise to the spiritual level they deserve. (Ramchal)

If we do not fulfill our purpose and do not correct the world, the nations of the world begin to correct it against us in the form of Amalek, Petliura, Hitler—only to force us to correct the world! (Rav Kook)

All the evil in the world is revealed only due to the delay in correction of the world, which Israel must carry out. It is revealed so that Israel will correct it, according to its great destiny to restore the whole world to its splendor. (Rav Kook)

In our generation, all the evil-doers of the world raise their heads and wish to destroy the people of Israel, as it is said: “Evil comes to the world precisely for the sake of #Israel,” since it is they who cause all the suffering in the whole world (by their inaction).
Preface of The Book of Zohar, 71.
From Twitter, 5/2/19

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