Pesach—Holiday Of The Beginning Of Correction

749.02We are approaching the Pesach (Passover) holiday, which symbolizes the beginning of the correction. Everything begins with exiting Egypt followed by the giving of the Torah.

Corrections are possible only in a person who has already gone through Egyptian exile. The created being starts with the sin of the Tree of Knowledge and the shattering of the soul, and then the process of its correction takes place.

Therefore, it is clear that first the recognition of evil is necessary, the clarification of the state we found ourselves in after the shattering at the Tree of Knowledge, where the soul was divided into many parts that we now need to reassemble. This is along with that egoistic desire to enjoy, which so far rules our relations.

Thus, we attach all the unfolding evil inclination to the soul, which is being restored to us, that is, all the force of the Light that had been filling the soul and led to the rejection of each part from the others. When we reconnect them, working against the force of the Light that was once filling the soul and now became hostile to it, we attain the Creator’s and the corrected created being’s qualities.

However, this all begins from the recognition of evil of the state we are in now, with the revelation of the egoism ruling between us, rejection, hatred, misunderstanding, and the clarification of how deeply each one is immersed only in himself and unable to exit. All this is the very first and necessary stage on the path of studying the Creator.

All the articles about Pesach should be perceived only with reference to our distancing and connection. When we move away from each other, the evil forces rise and reveal a feeling of exile in us.

Then immediately we can talk about connection and correction, and redemption begins. That is, we must see everything in light of exile and redemption, distancing and rapprochement, revelation of the breaking and its correction.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/8/18, Writings of Rabash

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