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To enter spirituality, one must develop one’s Reshimo, spark, into a Partzuf. Growth happens from a sensation of joy, although one reveals how far he is from the Creator, and needs light to develop the embryo’s Partzuf.

If you are in the intention to bestow, then any states are perfect, even if the Creator wishes to leave you in this state forever. Matching the Creator’s desire is being in a state of perfection. But if there’s a difference between the desired and the actual—to this extent you diverge from the Creator

One must imagine that he is in complete bestowal, in a world filled by the Creator’s light. And although one sees the opposite, he must imagine the truth, rather than the world he sees, distorted by his egoism. One must thank the Creator for sensing the greatness of what He created and the work he has been granted to do.

The Creator and I are opposite with our qualities. Hence I feel the world as bad. As it develops, my egoism depicts the world to me as increasingly worse. The Creator is absolute—I am the one that needs to change, coming closer to Him with my qualities. This is why the Torah was given—the light of correction, of my desires and thoughts.

Spiritual development is independent of our ego-feelings and thoughts (faith above reason). The Creator wishes for us to feel the world as we feel it, but to attune ourselves as if it comes from the absolute Creator. That is, for us to change ourselves so we’ll feel the world as perfect. This is called perceiving in the quality of bestowal.

In spiritual work, it is better to be in a small state than a great one because:
1. there is less risk of awakening egoistic desires and thoughts;
2. we give the Creator more pleasure by being devoted to Him in small states.

A person is a device for measuring the Creator, and like any measuring device, it must be tuned, calibrated. Initially set yourself to zero, and then, from zero, study and measure your states—and thus advance. Zero is the start of the spiritual ladder.

To measure how similar my qualities are to the Creator, I have to set the “scale to zero.” Since the Creator gives absolute goodness to the world, I must imagine myself as being in this state. This is possible only by restricting all my desires. This is the restriction, Tzimtzum Aleph.
From Twitter, 5/13/19

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