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The quality of bestowal means to rejoice at the darkness as much as at the light, for it is the most important greatness of the Creator. When one finds himself in a situation with no support, feels the darkness, if he accepts it with joy, it turns into Keter, bestowal, light.

Why was it needed to break the desire only to correct it later? Revelation of the breakage is in realizing that the uncorrected state never existed, but only seemed so to an uncorrected person. Thus, the correction is only of our perception.

In any state, even the high one, if one is looking for further advancement, his search causes a correction—an ascent without the fall.
Thus, without waiting for it from above, as if for a “fall,” one can do it himself—find the flaws and raise them to the correction toward bestowal.

Any good is manifested only from evil, like the light from the darkness. Darkness, the evil, is manifested first, and then comes the light, the Creator. All the spiritual work is in bringing forth the good from the evil. This is how man gives contentment to the Creator. Therefore, perfection is in the right connection of darkness and light, in full light.

The Creator made all kinds of darkness in order to manifest the light through them. A day is considered to be darkness and light, night and day. Night is the light without corrections, therefore it is not visible to creatures, but it is clear that it requires correction, the help of the Creator, the light of correction. And darkness itself becomes light.

The great means for our perception is the darkness, about which it is said: “I created the darkness,” “And saw the darkness.” The weakening sensation of light is felt by us like darkness. And it helps us to perceive the light: “The feeling of light out of darkness.”
All the attainment of light comes only out of the darkness.

Every person is equal to everyone else, be it a sage or a commoner—everyone is equal in the general system. There are different souls in the system during the time of correction, each must be evaluated according to his degree. But when the process of correction is complete, in the perfect state, all souls are equal.

Serving the Creator can only happen in darkness. Darkness is a wonderful quality that propels me toward the Creator, does not leave me in peace. To the extent that one elevates the Creator in his own eyes, so does he rise above his inherent evil.
From Twitter, 5/28/19

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