My Thoughts On Twitter 5/29/19

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Despite the Jews’ devotion to the ideas of the US Democratic Party, its militant #Antisemitism will continue to fight for the “Aryan” purity in its ranks, and none of the #Jews will have a place in it. The process of forcing the Jews out is voluntary at first, and later coerced.

In the @TruNews Christian news program, @docburkhart called on the audience to stop supporting #Israel: “After all, these people use the name Israel to fill their pockets and feel important,” says the evangelist.
It’s hard not to agree with him…

Initially, all the problems exist in the broken soul of ADAM, but how they become manifest depends on us: if we are in a group, armed with knowledge and faith, we face the problems with joy, as elevating us, but without faith or unity in the group, descents and awakenings must happen.

It is the occurrence of intractable problems, when the Creator blocks all exits and the only way out is to annul oneself before the situation, to extinguish the desire to resolve it egoistically that the Creator, who arranged it, will resolve it Himself. And I just need to annul.

May 27, 2019 – #Europe realized that the globalist consensus that dominated it was destroyed and resulted in confusion. The #EU population wants a division of countries. The reason is a decline in the standard of living. It can be raised only by following Trump’s example. Otherwise, the #EU conflicts will continue to intensify.

The world is becoming stupid: IQ indicators of developed #EU countries have been declining since the beginning of the 21st century. #Smartphones reduce attention span. Society requires #jobs only in the service sector.
Kabbalah: The #brain is developing toward #spirituality, the next level of development. If rejected, the #brain dies off.

The cycle of civilization’s economic development is over: the economic regimes of slavery, feudalism (slaves and serfs), capitalism (beyond the confines of the household). But the markets are over and the return to slavery is inevitable (work for food).
Unless we rise to the economy of the #future society.
From Twitter, 5/29/19

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