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#Israel is a nation that rises to bestowal, love for the neighbor, mutual guarantee, empathy.
#Jerusalem is the capital, the heart of the nation, the peak of the spirit, the focal point of power over oneself, over one’s egoism.
Without a yearning to unite, to love the neighbor—Jerusalem is Klipa

In order for Jerusalem to become a true capital, the center of a united nation, we must conquer it INSIDE US, return to a good connection, learn to overcome conflicts and strife. Only in this way, upon the unity of hearts, can we build the nation of ISRA-EL, aspiring to the Creator.

#Jerusalem is an indication of the spiritual state of the nation. It’s a very harsh city since it demonstrates the genuine attitude toward unity in every person’s heart. Jerusalem can either be a center of fragmentation of the nation of #Israel and the world or the center of its #unity.

The result is attained by a plea to the Creator to help him go by faith above reason, in joy, as if one has attained spiritual reason. And although the body does not wish to go in spite of reason, he asks for joy, as befits the Upper One’s worker.
He asks not to see the greatness, but asks for joy above reason, as if he is in reason.

One sees that the world is bad, but by his efforts, wishes to see it as the Creator does—that the world is perfect, receiving everything from the perfect Creator, and as if he feels this in his sensations. He thus feels the force of life and joy by coming nearer to the Creator, who does good.

People have entered a new geological age called Anthropocene—the human era when people have begun inflicting irreversible damage to the planet. People can be brought to balance with nature only by correcting human nature. There is one method for correcting man’s nature—Kabbalah.

The world lives by its laws. One who wishes to reveal the Creator, although he sees a bad world, must see it as good—transferring the world’s and the Creator’s faults to himself, his qualities. The good Creator is the evil (uncorrected) I. That’s why I see the world this way!

The left line is what one sees in reason, his and the world’s faults.
The right line is what one sees above reason, his and the world’s perfection.
The middle line is when, despite what he sees in the left life, he goes in spite—above reason.
That is, one needs the right and left lines in order to go in the middle line, faith above reason.

Being in spirituality means remaining human and going above him, by faith above reason. Even if one can see the Creator in reason, he prefers to be in faith above the reason that is offered to him. Faith becomes an instrument for revealing the Creator since everything is for bestowal, in care not for oneself, but for the Creator.

In order for the creature to attain the Creator, he must build the quality of bestowal, faith, above the quality of reception, reason. The Creator helps a person by creating emptiness in him. One must go above the emptiness, creating the quality of greatness, sensation of the Creator inside him, above reason. Wishing to attain in faith, not in reason.

Above it we build faith, in spite of the quality of reception, the way the Creator sees my ego-qualities.
There are two attainments: earthly and spiritual.

What one receives in the ego-desire is called reason. To attain the Creator, one must build a sensation above the ego-reason. This is exactly why the ego, the quality of our world, was created.

To the degree one has faith in goodness above reason, one comes to the sensation of evil in one’s reason, which pushes him toward correction by a request for bestowal.

The Creator awakens evil in reason to help a person rise to faith above reason, to realize that he feels evil because he exists in the quality of “for my sake”—otherwise he would feel goodness.

A person has no forces to go against the will to enjoy since he feels no fulfillment in this. But the Creator takes away the taste and leaves only the opportunity to ask for forces to work for the sake of the Creator.

Imagine as if you have merited full faith in the Creator and the sensation that the Creator governs the world by goodness, and this is what the creatures receive. When you see your and the world’s suffering, say that you see it in your uncorrected qualities in order to correct yourself until you see an absolutely kind providence.

Zohar, Hayei Sarah 21: Happy is he who diminishes himself in this world—how great is he in the eternal world! But one who is great in this world, is small in the eternal world.
The Creator exalts the one who diminishes himself.
Happy is he who diminishes himself in this world: how great are his merits in the eternal world!

The path of faith above reason means not taking feelings and knowledge into account. The Creator observes us and knows what is good for us. Hence I don’t care how I feel, if I want to delight the Creator.
Although I don’t feel perfection in my work, from the perspective of the Upper One I am in perfection.

Malchut, the basis of creation, is a black point. If one doesn’t wish to increase his state, one cannot fall. If once accepts the work in a black point in any state—one attains adhesion with the Creator and receives light from above since there is no intention to receive and enjoy the light.

The aim of the work is to be at a lower degree, always accepting the Creator’s power anew by faith above reason, naively. And to accept it with joy, as if in complete reason. The verification is that one never falls and is always in joy because he accepts all states in desires and mind above reason.

One should rejoice at a small state more than a great state. And when in a great state, one should cover oneself with a small state from ego-disturbances. In a small state one can reach revelation since there is no fear of being defeated by ego-disturbances.
Therefore the Creator has more joy from a small state than from a great one.
From Twitter, 6/1/19

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