My Thoughts On Twitter 5/31/19

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I must trust that the Creator corrects me in everything. Rejoice in His care equally in ascents and descents. So you will experience all the states as ascents. Efforts to be in a descent as if it is an ascent are called stimulation from below, and bring one closer to the Creator when he feels that this is the Creator’s way to draw him near.

In descents, one must renew the Creator’s governance in everything. And this will be the beginning of a new spiritual state: wherever one can’t sense the Creator’s governance, he fills this void with the Creator’s authority. And so in every sensation of the descent, of the absence of the Creator’s hand, one fills Malchut part by part.

Through the group and studies of Kabbalah, one realizes that he has to go above egoism, unconsciously raising the prayer for his fulfillment, MAN. The Creator corrects the ego-MAN and instead of fulfillment gives him the strength to curb the pleasure, fulfillment, the strength to reject egoism, meaning—the screen.
From Twitter, 5/31/19

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