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Baal HaSulam, Shamati 68: Man’s connection to the Sefirot: A person cannot correct his thoughts. But he can correct the heart so it will be aimed directly at the Creator—then all his thoughts will be only about how to give pleasure to the Creator.

Rabash: Those who study #Torah not only in order to know the laws of how to carry out commandments, but to correct the heart—they are called wise of heart. If they study Torah with this intention, they are called wise of heart since they need the Torah to correct the heart.

R. Avraam Ibn Ezra: “Know that all the commandments, although most of them are carried out by actions or words, they are all intended for correcting the heart, since the Creator demands all hearts… . And know that the #Torah has been given only to those who have a heart.”

It is written that a person was created by #Torah. Hence a person in our world is not called a person in Torah, but belongs to the animate degree, since he is governed instinctively by his #egoism like all animals. A person, Adam, is likeness to the Creator created out of egoism by efforts and the upper light.

Not wishing to see the Creator’s governance as good because he will cease to believe, since faith is against reason, and he wishes to be in faith, which is above reason—one asks to be given such a force of faith as if with his reason he sees the Creator’s good governance so there won’t be any difference between reason and faith.

One should seek to accept the Creator’s authority in a state that contradicts the good Creator, with no support—then one is most certainly going by faith above reason! Have faith that this is exactly why the Creator has given him this low state. And don’t ask to feel greatness, but accept the authority unconditionally.

Time after time, a person raises broken qualities to correction, eliciting a new light of correction each time. Although he starts anew with a black point every time, he must rejoice at the new corrections. The embryo of the soul develops from such targeted corrections.

It is possible to lower yourself precisely when you aspire to be proud, to understand and see, yet you lower yourself and are ready to proceed with eyes closed, in connection and bestowal. You thus acquire new qualities since the upper one raises your request, gives forces, and then you ascend on your own.

Baal HaSulam: Just as the Creator doesn’t think of Himself—whether He exists or governs, so one who wishes to become similar to Him shouldn’t think about it. Hence one should aim all of his actions at adhesion with the Creator, which means doing everything for the benefit of the neighbor. Only then will one attain equivalence of form with the Creator.

Accepting the Creator’s authority in the lowest state, going above reason and sensations, not taking them into account—is called being between heaven and earth, with no support, going above reason.
Knowing that one has received this low state in order to place oneself under the Creator’s authority (burden) in complete humility.

The Creator pampers a person with a good childhood, accustoming him to sufficiency and knowledge. Thus, one understands that the Creator loves him. However, if he wants to understand the meaning of the Creator’s actions, he annuls himself and the Creator brings him closer. But if life gets worse, he blames the Creator and becomes distant, proud.
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