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The Creator’s concealment brings joy just as His revelation if one has attained the intention “for the Creator’s sake”. Yet if there is still egoism, doubts about the good governance, the black point YOD of the name HaVaYaH emerges—and he enters it, Malchut, the authority of the upper one, from which Keter then emerges, the lower one’s will to bestow.

Since the purpose of life is to attain equivalence with the Creator (Shuvu ad Hashem), this is called the light of correction, called Torah (I created the Ego and the Torah for its correction).
The degrees of closeness-similarity to the Creator are in bestowal, till love.
It is achieved only from love for the creatures—to love for the Creator.

What’s the difference between a great illumination and a small one, a temporary one and a permanent one? What reaction do they elicit in me? What’s better: a small eternal state or an intense temporary one?
What is better for the Creator: what brings Him closer or gives Him joy?
What is the most perfect state?
From Twitter, 6/4/19

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