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#Shavuot. The Holiday of the Giving of #Torah:
Hillel the Sage (#Talmud. Shabbat 31:1): “Do not do unto others anything that you hate for yourself. All the rest in the Torah is a clarification of this rule.” Hence the commandment “Love the neighbor” is the main thing in the Torah, and all the rest is only for its clarification and observance.

#Shavuot. The holiday of the Giving of #Torah:
If “love the neighbor as yourself” is the main law of the Torah, then all the rest in the Torah is there only for its observance.
How, then, do we observe the Torah if we don’t attain love for the neighbor?
Why do those observing the Torah’s laws become more and more divided?

The holiday of #Shavuot represents the reception of the light that can pull us out of our egoism so we can reveal our higher, spiritual life.

The Creator’s revelation is possible only after His concealment, when, by joy, concealment is no less important than revelation.
Concealment is equal to revelation only in the intention “for the Creator’s sake,” when pleasing the Creator is the only thing there is, even in concealment, with no support, in darkness, in the lowest state, Malchut, of the upper world.

One should wish to annul, to give up all desires besides the desire to exalt the Creator. Ask the Creator for the ability to be this way. When one sees the body’s resistance to give up its desires, one should ask the Creator to annul all of his desires.
This is already a perfect prayer since one asks for complete self-annulment.

…. – and in the “Seah” the Creator will take pity on him and give him taste in the bondage.
The spiritual state should be until self-sacrifice against all desires, without any reward, meaning or benefit. One does this by exerting only out of self-sacrifice, in spite of any meaning. As one makes more efforts, he elicits suffering—and in the “Seah” the Creator will take pity on him and give him taste in the bondage.
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