What Does The Desire To Study Kabbalah Depend On?

laitman_563Question: What does the desire to study the wisdom of Kabbalah depend on?

Answer: The aspiration toward the Creator depends on the Reshimo (a spiritual informational record) that is revealed in a person. These are not just questions about the meaning of life and its worthlessness because their answers can be purely corporeal.

A pressing question arises in a person about the essence of existence above only filling himself. It does not matter to me how I live, in what way I fill myself, what I have, and when my life will end. It is important for me to understand its inner meaning! Where did it come from and why it was given to me? What is this phenomenon of life? What does it represent?

When this question emerges in a person, he really needs to discover the purpose of creation. That is, the Creator Himself is unclear. However, if the design, the thought with which everything was created: “With what purpose? Why? For what? How? By Whom?” attracts a person, he comes to the study of Kabbalah and remains in it.

Yet, if he was accidentally lured to Kabbalah by other questions that are less focused on the inner meaning of life, he leaves. Therefore, it is written that a thousand enter a dark room and only one remains and goes out to the Light.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/4/19

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