Freeing Up Space For The Creator

laitman_962.7Spiritual advancement depends on the extent to which we nullify ourselves to complete zero in front of the group. Every time I return to the thought of the need for self-annulment, I am again horrified. I myself would have never thought of such an idea; of course, it comes from the Creator either directly from above or through the environment by all sorts of means.

I myself am unable to want to annul myself by measuring my spiritual advancement with this measure of self-annulment. I find myself increasingly remote from spirituality, and my friends increasingly successful. It really discourages, deters, and annoys me.

However, on the other hand, I must understand that it needs to be so. If I do not retreat from such states and if I thank the Creator each time for reminding me of my work again and again, then “each and every penny accumulates into a great sum,” I advance and will some day succeed.

It does not even matter whether or not I see my success, but every time I get an awakening to the truth, to my nullification in front of the group, I take another step forward to the palace of the Creator, and therefore, I should be joyful.1

Beforehand, I had the desire to enjoy, egoistic knowledge. Then this place empties; it is this complete poverty that makes it possible not to demand fulfillment in understanding and feeling but to rise above them and ask for the ability to fill this emptiness with dedication to the Creator through the group. It turns out that I disconnect from the corporeal state, rise above it, and fill my desires with the greatness of the Creator. This is rising to the upper floor, to faith above reason.

It is impossible even to compare these two states: reason and faith above reason. Everything I understand and feel is within reason, and above reason there is something that I do not want to understand and feel: I want only to bestow to the Creator and feel how my friends in the group bestow to the Creator. Therefore, we are building a new state called “the upper world.”2

It is good that I feel emptiness and a lack of craving for and no use of spirituality. However, I simultaneously imagine the greatness of the Creator and the pleasure that I bestow to Him precisely by doing the work for Him without any reward. This should be very important to me.

The Creator purposely builds a state for me where I do not feel and do not understand Him, I do not feel any taste in Him. By this, He frees up a place in me cleansing it from the garbage of this world so that I begin to fill it with the greatness of the Creator.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/6/19, Lesson on the Topic “The Absolute Zero”
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3 Minute 8:10

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