Distorted Views Of The World Of Infinity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Prayer must be for my connection with the friends. So this sense of lack of connection, is this the prayer?

Answer: Prayer is not my feeling in relation to someone. Prayer means that I discover what I need to change in me and I turn to the Creator as my partner, that He is higher and the determinant, so that He will correct my relationship to creation. For the moment that I see something bad and I automatically blame Him. And in no way do I want to accuse Him.

The correction is possible only because I don’t want to condemn the Creator for how the creation seems uncorrected and evil to me. But not so that I or another will cease to suffer and will live better, or the opposite, not so that someone would vanish because it would better that some villain not live.

I don’t ask for their correction,but only for the correction of my vision. After all, I see evil before me because “All who condemn do so through their own flaws.” We need to work on this point all the time; to refine and clarify it more and more. And when I have precisely sharpened this point of view of the world I suddenly will see that the entire world is in line and everything is okay, everything is good and beautiful.

The Creator arranges the entire world in complete harmony and only intentionally shows me some kind of blurry patch sometimes here and sometimes there. So He plays with me portraying that there is something distorted here and there, and so forth. But all of this is so that I will straighten myself out, and then this entire picture will seem ideal.

There is always one picture, a picture of the world of Infinity, but I absorb this Infinity into my egoistic system and therefore see this world instead.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/6/14

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