Both Feelings And Mechanics

laitman_276.04Question: Once again we have approached the study of the Preface to The Wisdom of Kabbalah (Pticha), but at a new level, through feeling. This is so interesting, so deep, that again we miss the technical details.

Why, when we start to ask any technical questions, does it takes us away from the sensory perception that we have entered, knocks us out of it?

Answer: This happens only in the beginning. For example, when people learn to play a certain musical instrument, at first one has to work on technique. They have to do exercises and get used to the instrument.

Once they have mastered it, then it is as if they unite with it and the instrument begins to express their feelings, those that they cannot express themselves. I take a violin in my hands and it sings they way I never could. But through its singing, through its longing, through its sounds, I am able to express myself.

It is the same here. First we have to learn the instrument. Our instrument is feelings, nothing more than feelings because we are merely the desire to enjoy. This is what the Creator created in us.

In order to express our feelings for the Creator, we need to take them above our egoism, that is, through the desire to the friends. This is a great, special, wonderful opportunity to take our feelings through them because I will not get into the Creator otherwise!

The group for me is an instrument on which I play. If I did not have it, I would not be able to convey anything to the Creator. Therefore, the shattering of the common desire into a vast number of desires gives me an opportunity to play, as if on piano keys, all sorts of melodies of connection. From them, I assemble a symphony, a song of love for the Creator. These are feelings. Yet, they work on mathematics, on desires.

Several times in our lessons, I told you about my friend who worked on the restoration of the organ in the Riga Cathedral. He told me how complex this instrument is. He had books and articles on the structure of the organ with complex mathematical formulas, including diameters, pressure, tune, and so on.

A question arises: what are we going to study: mechanics or how with its help we can evoke feelings? The Creator needs both.

Why? It is so we could fully become masters of the desire that He created, and with its help, express everything in the same way He does, as our quality of bestowal in relation to His quality of bestowal. So that we could connect, adhere to Him.

Therefore, we do not go into feelings with no connection to mechanics. Currently, we do not pay more attention to feelings, because once we run into this, we do not understand what is required of us. We must develop our sensory perception, and then we will play.

We will look at different drawings and cry or laugh—each one will have one’s own reaction. You have no idea how many drawings there are—thousands. So you don’t have to worry about mechanics. You will have all the mechanics you want.

Thus we will come to this. Then everything will be balanced: both feelings and mechanics. You will be able to play the instrument perfectly and express your feelings through it so that both you and the Creator will really be in a common understanding and enjoyment.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/4/19

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