Characteristics Of The Creator

laitman_567.01Question: What are the Creator’s properties such as power, pride, goodness, and kindness?

Answer: In relation to us, the Creator is the single property of absolute bestowal and love that is revealed in different ways. All of our characteristics arise and are developed under the influence of the upper Light. These characteristics don’t exist in the Creator. But when we attain Him, we attribute them to Him.

In relation to us, the Creator is absolute and the complete opposite of us.

Our main and only characteristic is a desire to receive, to have all kinds of needs that are awakened in us fulfilled, as if we lacked something, while the Creator has absolutely everything. Moreover, He doesn’t feel any lack, on the contrary, He is the absolute desire to bestow, to fulfill.

Even if He has a need, it is only a need to bestow, to fulfill. Like a mother who is constantly concerned about her child, constantly wanting to give him something, to help him with something, to fulfill something, that is how it is with the Creator in relation to us. This feeling is revealed in us when we attain Him.

Therefore, it is possible to say that He has a need to “pour Himself out” and cannot. From our side, we are the opposite; we want to receive and don’t know how, from whom, and in what manner. Therefore, there is a problem in creating contact between our desire to be fulfilled and the desire of the Creator to fulfill us.

This contact is possible only if our desires to be fulfilled is directed toward giving Him contentment and causing Him pleasure, just as His desire to fulfill us arouses pleasure in us.

So, it is up to us to correct ourselves. But this is not the correction of desire, for it must be as great as possible; it is the intention—fulfilling the desire for pleasure not for my sake but to give pleasure to the Creator.

In this case, the idea is not even about desires and intentions; rather, it is the manner in which we achieve resemblance to the Creator as the result of our correction. Then we rise to the level of the Creator and continue with our development beginning from this level. And regarding what happens later, we will talk about it when we attain it. This is talking about a completely different substance and completely different circumstances.

But even the beginning of the movement toward the Creator, from the first point upward, gives us a feeling of eternity, infinity, and absolute wholeness.

From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/2/17

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