What Determines The Transience Of Time?

laitman_764.3Question: Does the speed of time depend upon the age of the person? Why during childhood is it immeasurable, but in adulthood it just goes along by minutes?

Answer: It seems to us that time is objective, but in fact it is absolutely subjective, especially in regard to children. I remember when I was a child and I asked to play in the yard, my mother would say to me: “No more than an hour.” “An hour! That was an eternity!” And when I came home, she would ask: “Why were you gone for four hours?!” That is, I was living in a different continuum.

Question: Why does time pass quickly for some people, while for others it passes slowly?

Answer: It depends on desire. If the desire matches my actions, then time passes rapidly because I am enjoying it. When I am happy, time flies, as in the song, “Hours of love run; they are shorter than minutes.”

Question: What does it mean that the ego stretches time in our world?

Answer: In principle, it is not egoism that stretches time, but the Klipa (Shell), and it works so that we will pay more intention to time and not its essence.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/19/17

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