Life At The Pace Of A Donkey’s Advancement

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why does time fly so fast in the modern world? In general, the older one gets the faster time flies and before you know it a whole week has gone by.

Answer: The feeling of time is merely a psychological phenomenon. Since we live in a world that moves at such high speed with constant changes, it seems that time flies and is over soon. The problem isn’t time itself or what happens but our desire to receive that goes through very fast changes internally.

The desire constantly changes according to its inner program and so a person feels as if everything around him changes and feels that time flies. In fact, however, nothing moves on the outside except for the desire itself, which builds up an acceleration.

After all, we go through an emotional development in our desire to enjoy in order to reach its ultimate fulfillment, the right perception of who we are and what this desire is. In this desire we will discover the upper reality that is above it.

This means that time is a collection of impressions that change inside our desire to enjoy and which create the feeling of time that we have, that-time flies or time that doesn’t move: past, present, and future, but time itself doesn’t exist. The concept of time is a result of the changes that take place inside our desire.

As we develop more and more, desires to enjoy something new are invoked in us and these desires are increasingly stronger and change in a growing pace and so we feel that time flies faster and faster.

If we compare our life with life in the Middle Ages, 500-1000 years ago, it will seem that time hardly passed then. Nothing changed from morning till night and so one day followed another and one week followed another and a month followed another. If we compare the life of a modern man that is 70-80 years to the Middle Ages when they lived about 30-35 years, the 30 years in the Middle Ages would seem longer than the 80 years today.

After all, everything moved very slowly in the Middle Ages with hardly any changes. A person’s whole life passed at the pace of a horse or a donkey, while today it is at the pace of a missile or a jet plane. This is the reason that our life is full of a variety of phenomena and time flies relatively fast.

Moreover, our perception has changed. Three hundred years ago I had to plan a journey of 100 miles for a long time, and to think where I would stop for the night, what I should feed my donkey, what I would eat, how I would get there, and how I would return. The feeling of life and the time axis were totally different. Human psychology, the perception of time and movement, places and life were very different.

A person then didn’t feel time the way we do. He measured time in relation to his donkey, which determined the speed. Today, however, we measure time according to an atomic clock that counts a millionth part of a second.
From Kab TV’s “A New Life” 4/17/14

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