A Tuning Fork Focused On The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person is taught from Above to rise above his desire to receive. This world brings me different surprises, all kinds of states, induces me to do foolish things, influences me through my family and friends, and I must respond. According to my response, I am tested as to whether I keep the rule of “there is none else besides Him,” “the Good who does Good,” and whether I can confidently say that everything comes from the Creator and not retreat from this decision.

Other than that, I do not ask for any changes. I want everything to remain the way it is, I want to feel the worst states as the best states. I want to correct the actual state, not to escape it. I want to correct the desires in which I feel pain at the moment.

Otherwise I will not be able to justify Him. How else can I direct myself at bestowal, justify the evil, subdue myself, and bless the upper force if I have no contact with it? The shattering occurred in order to give me this option.

It is precisely for this reason that this whole world was given to me, like a tuning fork according to which musical instruments are tuned, so that I will attune myself to the Creator. Otherwise, without subduing myself and serving others, without the connection with the friends, I will not be able to do that. I have to feel that I receive all my thoughts and feelings through them, that I use the collective mind together with them.

I discover that the group is the vessel outside of my ego. My inability to connect with the friends shows me to what extent I cannot exit my ego. My fault is not my sophistication or my intelligence, but the hatred and the detachment, meaning the shattering. A person was given a group in order to give him a clear understanding, an example, a means to measure where he is with regard to the Creator.

You can feel hate, envy, pride, and ambition with regard to the group. You can annul yourself before it or not, you can shout at them or beat them, and they can do the same to you. But you cannot do that to the Creator since the Creator is the general, absolute force of nature. Only according to your equivalence to Him do you reveal the opportunity to be in contact with Him, to connect, since it is a perfect, fixed system.

So the preparation can only be by the influence of the environment, and it takes place on every level until the end of correction. Until the very end of correction we prepare for the revelation of the Creator in its fullest form.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/24/13, Writings of Rabash

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