Relate To The Perfect Governance Of The Creator

laitman_962.5Nothing should be corrected in reality except for our attitude toward it. Let the world develop in its own way, we have nothing to add to it. After all, we see it according to our own qualities. We need to correct our view of creation, but the creation that appears before us is in absolute perfection. Peace in the world is the perfection we need to achieve.

Around me I see only myself, my own flaws. If I see that all the parts of reality are imperfect and the connection between them is also flawed, it shows the extent of my corruption. On one hand, all of reality is perfect and only the person needs correction. But in order to be corrected, one’s environment must be corrected so it could influence the person.1

The Creator influences a person through the world as well as through human inner nature. Thus, we find ourselves between two fires, all in order to bring us to the corrected state, to the realization that we must accept the Creator’s governance as perfect and adapt ourselves to it. This work goes against our inner egoistic desire until we balance our inner egoistic force with the external force of the world, relating them both to the perfect governance of the Creator.

One who wishes to correct the external force is called a world reformer, and one who wishes to correct himself is called a servant of the Creator.

The Creator constantly changes all desires, qualities, and attitudes inside me, ruling over my internal nature. Around me, I see the seemingly external world, which the Creator also shows me. It follows that I am under two influences of the Creator: internal and external. All I have to do is to balance them, placing the Creator as a ruler over both.2

The whole world is shouting that it is not the Creator who rules the world, but me. This is how we reveal that it is the Creator who rules over everyone. There is none else besides Him.3

There is a desirable outcome and there is reality. It is desirable to see the world corrected, that is, under the rule of the single force of the Creator besides which there is nothing. I am then connected to this single force and see that only the Creator fills all of reality.

But if I’m not corrected yet, I judge according to my imperfections and see wars and turbulence instead of the corrected state. Everything happens only in relation to the one who attains and all the wars and disasters that we see are happening inside of us, inside our nature. If I am not corrected, I cannot yet attribute it all to myself and it seems to me that the war is happening on the outside. I have not adhered to the Creator yet, and therefore, reality for me is split in two: myself and Him, instead of feeling “us” as one whole.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/10/19, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”
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