Address The Creator Through The Group

laitman_236.02Question: What does it mean to be included in the group? Can a person check if he has succeeded in this?

Answer: Firstly, it depends on the frequency of his appeal to the group in order to connect everyone together and in this connection to reveal the Creator.

Secondly, does he turn to the Creator above all obstacles personally, from himself, or does he turn to the group and through the group address the Creator? These are different things.

At first, we address the Creator individually because it is much easier. Such exercises should be constant.

Later, they become more or less a habit, and by constantly remembering this, one as if automatically connects to the Creator and every second is a stop-start motion: “yes-no, no-yes.” If one constantly works in this pulsating rhythm, one becomes connected to the Creator through the group.

One ties oneself to the group, advances with it and helps others pull friends out of the “river’s current” (relative to the Light of Hassadim) or from the “dungeon” (relative to the Light of Hochma).
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/11/19

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