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laitman_282.01If you make the correct, true estimation, it will immediately become clear that you cannot ask for yourself. After all, by this I separate myself from the common soul in which the Creator resides, from the Shechina. By asking for myself, I cut myself off from the Shechina. It is necessary to ask for everyone, and to the extent in which I can connect with the Shechina and immerse in this union, I will feel that the Shechina is where the Creator lives, and I can reveal Him, get closer and even adhere to Him. Everything depends only on how I increasingly attach to the general Kli.

Therefore, asking for yourself is equivalent to cutting yourself off from the source of life. We just do not feel it and get confused. But a person who sees the system understands that it is very simple and that the Creator is inside it. We need to ask only for one thing: to belong to this Shechina, to the system in which we are all included but do not realize it because of the concealment. It is stupid to ask for yourself because by this request a person distances himself from the good.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/1/19, The Ten is One Whole HaVaYaH
1 Minute 1:50

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