Weaving A Blanket Of Love

laitman_962.1It is said that man’s work is to raise the Shechina from the dust, to restore the common soul of Adam HaRishon, and to rebuild the fallen tent of King David. It is about restoring the connection between us, becoming as one man with one heart, as it was before Adam’s sin, before the shattering.

And although egoism prevents us from doing this, we do not destroy it, but we rise above it and build the connection between us. This is called “weaving a blanket of love,” which should cover all creatures as one body. Thus, we reach the end of correction, returning to the one soul in which one light is clothed, the Creator, enjoying the creations He created.1

The Creator intentionally created the evil inclination so that we could overcome it and turn it to good. He purposely puts obstacles to our unification, and we have to look for a way to change them for the good. You should not berate your egoism, because it is an angel, the power of the Creator, sent to us as a hindrance.

The Creator seems to set a barrier in front of me that needs to be jumped over. This barrier is quite low, almost on the ground, but an impenetrable wall stands behind it. It is the same with the evil inclination: we do not need to destroy it but to rise above it. I cannot rise above it! Only if the Creator removes the wall, or rather, if He moves away, then to this extent I will be able to rise above my egoism.

It turns out that progress in spirituality depends on a person’s connection with the Creator. The evil inclination is help against me that helps in this. Therefore, we need to treat egoism with understanding and respect and realize that this barrier is help against us.

Our evil inclination depicts this whole world for us. We see ourselves, people, inanimate nature, plants, and animals. This whole egoistic world was created in order to rise above it and merge with the Creator.

We understand our evil inclination so much that we begin to love it. After all, both forces, the good and the evil, act to help us. Otherwise, it turns out that I try to hide from my egoism as an enemy, but I am also not capable of loving my neighbor. That is, either way, I am not successful and I don’t understand what to do with this life. But it has to lead me to the absolute good, when even darkness will shine as the Light and the angel of death will turn into a holy angel.

Therefore, weaving a blanket of love, you should treat all negative incidents as being sent by the upper force. The Creator purposely created the evil inclination, and therefore, there is no evil in the world; everything is intended to direct us toward the upper force and eternal life. If we attribute all these forces to the same source, then we weave the right basis for the blanket of love that will cover us.

In essence, the Creator is revealed this way: between the good and evil forces we reveal the thought of creation and the attitude of the Creator toward us.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/21/19, Weaving A Blanket of Love (Preparation for the Convention in North America Convention 2019)
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