Connection With The Creator Is The Basis Of Ancient Languages

Laitman_151Question: Is the Hebrew language a kind of middle line between letters and hieroglyphs?

Answer: I did not study the spiritual origin of hieroglyphs. I can only say one thing: the basis of all ancient languages is the connection of the person with the Creator. Although Hebrew conveys the most complete connection, and therefore the Torah and all other spiritual sources are given on it, we cannot say that through Chinese, Indian, Ethiopian, Egyptian characters, etc., there is no connection of the person with the Creator.

In any case, there is a connection because before any human began to feel how to express his opinion, his feeling, he received this knowledge from the Creator. It did not arise out of nowhere just like that.

In this sense, all languages have spiritual roots, only they have all deteriorated or disappeared. Hebrew is the only language that has remained the same, and therefore the Torah and all other books are given in Hebrew, of which all of humanity has gradually realized its spiritual sources.

We simply do not know the roots; we do not know the correct connection with the Creator in any ancient language But it undoubtedly exists, otherwise nothing could have happened.

In addition, scientists have intervened on the basis of their conclusions, dissertations, etc., and started to “break” them according to their understanding. From that, of course, nothing from the original sources of all languages remains.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian,1/6/19

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