Family And Marriage, Part 12

laitman_222Spouses Are the Closest Companions

Question: Are descents and ascents revelations of the Creator?

Answer: Certainly. I cannot desire to reveal the Creator from good states, only if I feel bad. Any person who is engaged in spiritual exaltation will not rush forward unless he or she is, so to speak, shaken and disturbed. A person acts only under the influence of two forces.

Therefore, it is very important in the family that there are two spouses. Spouses are the closest companions who can help and complement each other, hint to each other, take responsibilities from one another. Therefore, it is said that they are as one body.

Question: Didn’t you say before that a husband can reveal his most secret attainment to his wife?

Answer: There is no problem in sharing everything with your wife, depending on your connections, but not to the friends in the group.

Question: What would you recommend if one of the spouses is engaged in Kabbalah and the other is not?

Answer: If your family does not follow the same path, do not engage them in your problems. Go through all your states calmly so that they do not feel them. Give them the opportunity to live comfortably. You will have your own spiritual life; with them you will communicate formally.

Question: So we should not pressure a spouse who does not want to engage in Kabbalah?

Answer: Not at all. There is no coercion in spirituality.
From Kab TV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/1/19

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