Family And Marriage, Part 10

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Question: What does Kabbalah say about such phenomena as jealousy and betrayal in the family? How should we relate to them?

Answer: It is natural because we are animals, and also humans to a certain extent. However, if our highest connection will determine everything else, then there will be no problems, we will always understand each other.

Now everything is based on intimidation, for both husband and wife. The threat of divorce with all the related mess of police, courts, possible violence and whatnot is always an option. However, such an unsightly outcome should optimally be avoided.

However, until we reach perfection and combine spiritual and material worlds, all such problems will continue. Also, those studying Kabbalah and correcting themselves will experience these problems no less than others, even more.

Question: Are you saying that there is one solution to all kinds of problems: the revelation of the Creator? When He is revealed does everything become clear?

Answer: We see even in our world that nothing else remains.

Question: Yes, but doesn’t it take time?

Answer: It doesn’t matter. You need to do something, to discontinue our current form of evolution, which leads us nowhere.

Question: Does Kabbalah give any solutions?

Answer: We must begin to work, to constantly educate ourselves, and understand what we are. I am an animal, and if I engage in Kabbalah, maybe for a while I will become an even bigger animal, as it is said, “increasing knowledge, increasing sorrow.”

A person’s ego constantly grows, and he might not even be able to cope with himself. He understands his problems, but cannot do anything about it. He corrects them on the spiritual level and maybe falls on the egoistic, earthly level. But this is the path, nothing can be done about it.

Question: You say: try, attempt, make efforts. Why?

Answer: This is the path of evolution. Look at how everything plays out: some individual rises, then falls, then disappears; then another, and a third, and so on, appearing and disappearing. This is the evolutionary path. We are doing nothing new on our Kabbalistic path, we are only accelerating time. Therefore, our life goes through such whirlpools.
From Kab TV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/1/19

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