The Destiny That Has Been Chosen For Us

Laitman_043Question: If the Jewish people are in the land of Israel to carry out spiritual work, why is it so difficult to live here? Every small thing that is resolved easily somewhere else in the world becomes a terrible and intolerable war in Israel.

Answer: The reason is that everything happening in Israel belongs to spiritual correction. Therefore, it is so difficult to correct even a small step, because the spiritual correction is made here. We are correcting the spiritual system through which the Light and abundance descends to the entire world.

The changes that happen with the people of Israel influence the higher system that manages all the higher worlds, not just our world. There is no chance of influencing the higher system through the nations of the world. Only the people of Israel influence the higher system. Jews can disagree with this task and try to live a simple life like everyone, but no one asks them what they want. This role was imposed on us and it is impossible to refuse to carry it out, just like when we are born we don’t choose our father and mother.

So, there is no reason to discuss whether we like this role or not. Let’s talk only about how to carry it out now when we have freedom of choice, and, if we don’t choose this role of our own freewill, then we will get blows until it seems that there is no choice, and we need to advance in a special way. What can one do? We were born with this destiny.

There is no other way for the upper management to agitate and arouse us. We don’t understand what we’re doing and through what corrections are made. Constantly negative influences are acting upon us from above, and we try to run away from them, but we cannot escape. So, gradually, but correctly, we advance and reach correction.

The Jewish people have existed like this for the last two thousand years. It is useless to rebel and protest; we are faced with a very simple choice. Either the people of Israel will fulfill its mission and truly become the people of Israel living according to the principle, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and in this way influence the higher system positively through which all of the positive changes will spread through the entire world, the rest of the seventy nations of the world, or we don’t carry out our role, and the indignant nations of the world will come to us and beat us until we agree to carry out our obligations.

Around seventy years ago, the Holocaust broke out because we were not ready to accept our role. I hope that now we will be ready for the role so a new Holocaust won’t come, the shadow of which already can be seen over the horizon. We can refuse to accept this role, but this won’t help. We are in a network, in a system, that connects the entire world, and this network will find and pull us everywhere, wherever we try to hide.

The time has arrived to carry out our obligations regarding the entire world, and they will require this of us. A boycott of Israel will begin from all sides. This will become a complete blockade that will strangle us until we carry out the role that was assigned to us by the general system, and the sages explain to us how to transform all the evil to good. We must only stop being so stubborn and listen to their advice a bit.

Question: Is there any promise that everything will turn out well?

Answer: The promise that the end will be good is on condition that we begin to change and correct ourselves.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/10/15, Writing of Baal HaSulam

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